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“DEMONSTRATIONS”: 22 free songs available for 22 summer days…

In News on July 22, 2011 at 11:11 am

Available now until August 12th for free to those who wish to download the collection of music to their own music collections.

“DEMONSTRATIONS” is a collection of off-the-floor performances of unheard music. These songs by Kaleb Nathaniel Hikele have not been featured on previous solo or band releases or recent ‘The Sun Harmonic’ albums, and will likely be revealed in the fashion of augmented rock & folk records in the future.

A majority of these songs have never been heard by anyone in any venue. The songs available to you now are in their most vulnerable and natural state, being played on one instrument with a live vocal, and mixed in a single channel ‘Mono’ sound at a low Mastering volume to preserve dynamics.

Hikele communicates the music with an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar plugged into an amplifier, an organ and an acoustic piano, all from the comfort of Kalebs residence in Toronto, ‘The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio’. Some songs are unfinished, where you can hear the shuffling of papers, explaining, coughing and refraining verses to translate the songs as they were in May and June of the year 2011.

These rough sketches of material are presented to you for your own entertainment and are best enjoyed in the center of a Left and Right headphone in the comfort of your own home or in an outdoor environment, on a walk or in a park in the city. Thank you for listening.

You can obtain a free download here: http://kalebhikele.bandcamp.com/album/demonstrations



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