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A Chemistry Of Collective Consciousness

In A Chemistry Of Collective Consciousness on September 24, 2011 at 6:03 pm

If you have any thoughts or ideas about any of the music you hear from Moon Melody,
please, send us an email saying whatever you’d like to say and share with us.
Your words will be input into the anonymous bank you see below.
This is not because your name is unimportant, or your opinions are unsupported,
it is rather an attempt to tear down the barrier between acclaimed music critics,
media reviews, industry figures, and the everyday music listener and enthusiast.
This is an exercise in the deconstruction of heirarchy, you see.

We welcome you to contribute to “A Chemistry of Collective Consciousness”
here: thoughts@moonmelodyrecords.com

“It’s neat how you can straddle that point where the writing is so honest, but not so emotional that it seems out of place, or awkward for the listener.” -anonymous

“Your music arrived yesterday morning, and I have literally not stopped listening… I can’t thank you enough for sending so much! Also, I shared your music with some close friends who have similar taste to myself. Sometimes listening to music with your best friends is the best way to listen… I hope you’re having a good day, and I’ll most likely get back to you if I can pick a song I fall in love with the most.” -anonymous

“To meet an artist who is so open, so giving, and willing to share their creative process with others…I feel so lucky. So long story short, thank you… for continuing to share all your creative pieces, and not be as held back as others. Please keep doing so. It is inspiring.” -anonymous

“oh man. holy f*cking sh*t. that f*cking broke my heart… wow i absolutely love you. this is what music is supposed to do to people. ” -anonymous

“I haven’t had the heart to change the cd… I am just cherishing this masterpiece that you have made… Track 13 has got to be my favorite I suppose, I wish someone wrote that for me. It was just so wonderful to hear the whole song, and just sit there and take it in… So Completely and utterly in love with your music and I’m sorry i kind of rambled on.” -anonymous

“Thank You for taking the time to send it and to reply back, I’m definitely going to show your music to all my friends and recommend they get a CD from you, because from what Ive heard, you are a truly amazing artist.” -anonymous

“So between the two full recordings, I daresay: the sound of “Songs for Her” really warmed my heart the most; perhaps I’m just an absolute sucker for the more organics of your musical renderings.” -anonymous

Overall, something I am capable of stating factually is this: it is the genuine simplicity of your work that is just absolutely charming. That is, I believe, your magic, which has conquered my heart. Thank you so much… Love your music.” -anonymous

“There’s honestly, so much I’d like to tell you, but I’ll keep this brief, as you’ve probably some awesome music to be making: I loved it.” -anonymous

“I have just finished listening to “Songs For Her” for first time of many and there is a massive grin on my face. This is exactly what I love about music.” -anonymous

“Thank you, again, for sharing your music with me.” -anonymous

“I know I’ve only met you once and for only a brief amount of time, I find your music represents you really well though. It’s very well written and executed. A lot of your songs just make me smile.” -anonymous

“…and im finding i play it every single day. Im not a huge buyer or even listener of music unless maybe its live. Im so into this album…” -anonymous

“Most CD’s or albums there may be 3-5 songs you like, the rest??? On this CD i actually love them all… If i had to pick, it will be between To Hear You Say, and Blue Paint. But i could make arguments for others. With Soul is nothing but a tease, it sounds like the beginning of a true classic then it ends. Lol.” -anonymous

“Music for every mood”- anonymous

“Music, made entirely by a musician, for people who entirely love music”- anonymous

“A resurgence of music that means something”- anonymous

“Everyone wants to hear singles, record companies are eating artists up and spitting out 3 minutes of music every month. Chemistry truly brings me back to a time when an album was the musicians canvas, where every song builds on the last.”- anonymous

“The song structure keeps the entire album feeling fresh with a
constant swirl of emotion, grit, and passion.”- anonymous

“He plays everything, and is clearly some sort of freak prodigy”- anonymous

“A record that wont leave my player anytime soon”- anonymous

“Ya, to be honest man I really enjoy the album. My last day off I listened to it from start to finish. I think the quality of tracks turned out great, I really like the packaging. But seriously man, i think you did a really good job with the album, It’s one of those c.d’s where i couldn’t pick my favorite song because they are all generally good songs.”-anonymous

“I liked the album, its really good!”- anonymous

“I tossed this record into a school computer in the library after school today. The room was completely empty and carried the sounds throughout the entire room from a single Pentium 4 computer. Despite the circumstances of being stranded at the school library, this album made my stay completely worthwhile. During my stay I listened to it twice, all the way through.. You’ve broadened out your horizon with that same unique and distinct style of music you’ve basically pioneered, a major step up from your first release, which by no means was mediocre in the first place. The lead guitar you’ve incorporated into some of the tracks is brilliant and adds a very nice touch. The overall sound was excellent and even on a shitty little computer speaker, sounded great. The general mood of the album is very mellow and at times heavier, but the contrasts are very well intertwined and balanced. Not to mention your lyrics are the type to ponder and take in. In closing, this was a great album and I assure you I’ll be listening to it very often on my iPod.”- anonymous

“There’s giant sweeping pieces in there that recall Pink Floyd but are more something of your own invention.”– anonymous

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