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november twelfth, two-thousand eleven…

In News on December 1, 2011 at 4:00 pm

From December first to the last of 2011, “november twelfth, two-thousand eleven” will be available to you as a Free digital download. This is the latest installment in Kaleb Hikele’s Limited Releases, a collection of live recordings captured at a recent concert in Ontario. For most of the year 2011, Kaleb Hikele did not step on stage in his solo orientation, while reaching out to other musical outlets until the end of the summer. After 8 months away from performing on stage with a lone acoustic, he set out to put on a solo show in Toronto and followed with two shows in Kingston, elusively returning to the stage as The Sun Harmonic.

His fourth Autumn concert behind the microphone was staged in Peterborough, at a coffee bar titled The Spill. On Saturday, November 12th, 2011, Hikele played two sets parted by an intermission, during a matinee concert at the venue. The concert was recorded direct to tape with a Sharp Cassette Recorder RD-767AV, evident in the warping of sound and manipulation of pitch throughout the set. Set One and Two were seperated by the Side A and Side B of the cassette tape.

Despite the clarity of the recordings, this is a moment of the past captured for you to hear, that hopefully will place you in that time and space if you volunteer to do so… please enjoy.


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