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Introducting “Field Recordings”… Volume 1

In News on March 19, 2012 at 6:13 pm

As a finale to the year 2011, Kaleb Hikele performed a selection of original songs for the camera on remote locations in his hometown of St. Thomas and London, Ontario. The audio from these on-site recordings have been made available for free download to the public.

On December 27th, film talent Emily Pickering and “The Sun Harmonic” went to a gazebo in Pinafore Park to sing a new tune admist the snow and the winter surroundings. On the night of December 29th, 2011, they ventured up the stairwell to the abandoned attic of an art gallery to sing mostly new and formally unreleased songs in the quiet and cold space.

A few songs appeared on 2011’s “Demonstrations” release, two off the recently revealed An Anonymous Quartet EP and one forgotten song polished from a 2008 untitled album. Each recording is accompanied by a colour motion picture that can be found somewhere on the internet- here, actually: https://vimeo.com/thesunharmonic

Please download this here: http://thesunharmonic.bandcamp.com/album/field-recordings-vol-1

Thank you and please enjoy the music.

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