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“Love Is Gone Away”, a soul & blues record, released by The Broadview Band

In News on December 18, 2012 at 5:45 pm

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In February of 2012, the creation of a new collaborative record with Kaleb Hikele and Matt Powell began to grow in a basement in Toronto’s east end suburb of Riverdale. The album took on the working title of ”With Soul” with the intention of channeling original soul and blues tunes. After 10 months of construction in a basement studio, on December 18th of 2012, the 11 track album was released on CD and online in Stereo and Mono mix under the moniker of “The Broadview Band”.

Each member being a musician with different taste, Kaleb a folk rock songwriter and Matt a hip-hop artist, have an equal love for the sound of 60’s soul and blues music. Original songs in the genre were input by both members alongside one featured cover of Ray Charles 50’s classic “Drown In My Own Tears”. Home to Kaleb in Toronto, “The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio” became the space for an album that would largely be performed and multi-tracked by the two songwriters. Friends from the city and out of town were invited to perform as feature musicians with solos and background vocals heard throughout the full length album.

“Love Is Gone Away” is a play on words from a line in the second track, ‘If You Don’t Know’. This song was first heard and demoed in the studio in late 2010 and was the catalyst for the album to commence one year later. What became of this record surely could have never been foreseen then. The artwork for the album focuses on an outdoor photo-shoot taken near the studio with a wooden protest sign simply stating “Love Is Gone Away”.

Find chronological studio pictures, full lyrics and more, travel here: www.loveisgoneaway.tumblr.com