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The self-titled second album from that zany Al Grantham!

In News on December 16, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Al Grantham

Jimmy from the block, former porn stars, videogame addiction, identity confusion, yard sales, middle-class suburban delusion, box-stores, blind love, bravery, drunk romance, drunk injustice, the ruling elite, right, wrong, wrong rights and right wrongs.

Al Grantham has some stories to tell.

Sometimes, lost in the hubbub of smashed mannequins and general onstage chaos is Grantham’s loud pounding, literate heart, which he quietly chose to flaunt once by recording a new solo album in August of 2013. Descending into the basement studio he used to call home, Grantham joined friend and producer Kaleb Hikele at his east-end music lab, The Townhouse. Recording began late in the evening, where they adapted his wordy folk songs written for the guitar by dusting off the drum kit, distorted guitar amps, cello bows, noisemakers and the household banjo. Al brought in a cast of friends, roomates and transit buskers to build the diverse collection of songs in to the rock, country and folk pieces they have become.

Enjoy the new record by Al Grantham: LISTEN / DIGITAL  / CD


The Townhouse celebrates 5th birthday with a special recording

In News on December 7, 2014 at 8:36 pm

The Townhouse

The Townhouse celebrates its 5th birthday by releasing the first ever recording from the basement!

Richard Ebbs was the first musician to record at The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio, with his finger-style folk song “Pale Blue Dot” (also known by us as Acoustic in C Major). That was back in the Fall of 2009. The session was engineered by studio builders and friends Kaleb Hikele and Dirk Boon.

Thank you all for listening over the years.

Listen to Richard Ebbs sublime instrumental, “Pale Blue Dot”