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Four new groovy tracks from Elder Sister Plum

In News on February 13, 2015 at 12:04 am

Ghost Stories

During the winter of 2014, Elder Sister Plum holed up in her bedroom, and by the dim glow of twinkling fairy lights created Ghost Stories, a four track EP of slow-as-molasses dark magic tunes featuring bass heavy drum loops, eerie synth pads and shimmering vocal harmonies.

Sitting in front of a lap top, with no microphone or other recording equipment in sight and only an acoustic guitar in hand, the sounds began to fill the cold air around her, like whispering ghosts from beyond the veil. Dark and brooding, but with a generous amount of creeping groove.

And so Elder Sister Plum presents to you, Ghost Stories: a somber, down-tempo collection of four songs (two covers, two originals), to accompany the wind howling through the trees and their branches scratching on your window pane. Throw on some headphones or grab some speakers and have a listen.

Listen / Download / Enjoy: Ghost Stories