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King Snake Crawl

King Snake Crawl live in Toronto 2016

King Snake Crawl – noun, a loud rock & roll record.

Band members, left to right:

Scott MacPhee -Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Kaleb Hikele – Vocals, Harmonica, Tambourine, Organ
Drew Dockrill – Drum Kit
Alex Walls – Lead Guitar

A band born from one show and one studio session – two years later you have a damn loud rock and roll album. Listen and download this loud music immediately! Experience KING SNAKE CRAWL

The King Snake Crawl Recipe:

– 3 shots of classic rock
– 1 dose of guitar solos
– 2 pieces of punk rock
– 2 sheets of heavy metal
– 1 carton of chocolate milk

– Pair with a luke-warm tall can of cheap pilsner or straight bourbon whisky on the rocks. Mix thoroughly. Proceed to rock and roll. Repeat.


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