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The Breaks

The Breaks

Band members (left to right):

Jeff Hughes– Drums and Percussion
Darcy Waffle– Bass
Alex Beraldo
– Vocals and Guitar

Down home roots and blues have never sounded so refreshing. The Breaks, a three piece Toronto based outfit, know that they are channeling music of the past. But by no means is their sound nostalgic. With a mix of blues, folk, country and classic R&B, the band have chosen to label their music Rhythm and Roots (also the title of their most recent EP). Take one listen, or check out one live performance, and you’ll immediately recognize that this band is too relevant to be about the past.

With Darcy Waffle on bass and Jeff Hughes on drums, Alex Beraldo adds his telecaster, banjo and harmonica to the repertoire for an over-and-above stage presence. The Breaks’ performances give way to an upbeat, foot stomping throw down guaranteed to have everyone moving and dancing, drinking and carousing.

Having previously received accolades including #1 college radio chart positions and headlining slots at revered music festivals like CMW, the band is set to make more waves this summer with extended tours and residencies. Add to that the band’s recent EP, as well as the anticipation of their upcoming full length, and it becomes apparent that The Breaks are charting new territory and gaining a gang of fans along the way.

So grab a beer and your smoke of choice, kick back and join the band as they explore their Rhythm and Roots.

Other blues soaked studio efforts: Honeybees (2013) In Meetings (2012) and guest appearances on 2012’s Love Is Gone Away

Dig it.


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