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The Broadview Band

Band members (left to right):

Matt Powell
Kaleb Hikele

The Broadview Band is the ficticious title given to a soul & blues project constructed by Kaleb Hikele and Matt Powell. In February of 2012, the creation of a new record with the working title ”With Soul” started to form in a basement studio on the East end of Toronto. The “Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio” became home to the collaboration album that would be multi-tracked by Kaleb and Matt. Naturally the two songwriters exist in the rock, folk and hip-hop realm, yet they intentionally brought together original material to build this record on a soul, rhythm and blues foundation. To texture the record, friends and musicians from the city were brought in as feature musicians to perform solos and background vocal arrangements.

The name of the record, “Love Is Gone Away” is an intential use of two tenses, to say that love in this world has partially left us but there is hope. It is a play on words of a line from the albums second track, ‘If You Don’t Know’. This song was first demoed in the studio in late 2010 and was the catalyst for the album to blossom two years later. What became of this record surely could have never been forseen then. In December of 2012, the effort debuted to the public as “Love Is Gone Away” by The Broadview Band.

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