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The Other Birds

The Other Birds

Band members (left to right):

Evelyn Hall– Vocals/Drums
Kaleb Hikele– Vocals/Bass/Keys
Jeff Hughes– Vocals/Guitar

The Other Birds had been singing their song since the fall of 2012. Their harmonies ring from a nest built of rhythm and blues, rock n’ roll and jazz, which this three piece gathered into a four song demo called Sounds from Space last April. The band started crafting their next collection of original songs in 2014.

Evelyn Hall, Kaleb Hikele and Jeff Hughes met at a gig in Kensington Market, Toronto, in early 2011. Although they were in separate acts at the time, they immediately began to collaborate in the studio and on the stage. When they decided to form their own group at the end of 2012, the three had already spent two years gigging and recording solo and collective projects. They quickly launched into work on original tunes inspired by musical greats of both popular and classical influence.

Look for physical copies of their 4 track EP, Sounds from Space, out there in the world.


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