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Moon Melody makes an annual donation to a charitable organization. A percentage of every dollar earned through Moon Melody goes toward a program we believe in. Profits from the Suitcase Record Shop or other musical avenues are collected through the year and we are proud to contribute a portion of this towards a bigger and better cause in this world.

Moon Melody has become a bi-annual supporter of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Education programs that enrich Youth with Classical music in the school. Yearly donations have been made to War ChildTyphoon Haiyan and The Red CrossSickKids Foundation and Femme International in 2014. This year, we will support the Gifts of Hope program through Plan Canada.

plan canada

If you feel like supporting the DIY efforts of Moon Melody in another way, you can do that below. Moon Melody is run by artists and a large majority of the money filtered through sales (the 50% or more they deserve) is given back to the artists themselves. Your contribution goes towards spreading the Moon Melody name and helping daily operations stay alive. We strongly appreciate your help in this independent adventure.

We kindly accept donations from listeners and fans of what we do. Please donate any amount of money you wish to offer by clicking below. Thank you. Again, thank you.

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