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Locked Limited Releases

These are selections from the catalogue of Moon Melody Limited Releases that were only made in short runs or have been discontinued from handmade production. The odd title might be produced again, but there is no promise, reason or order for it to happen.

Feel free to browse below.

“An Anonymous Quartet” EP
A preview of four brand new songs from Kaleb Hikele, captured off -the-floor in Toronto, all written on the previous weekend to its recording date in November of 2011. The “Sessions” version of the release had alternate takes of all four songs and the regular version was available for free in January of 2012 for a few months. A small number of CD copies were handmade and sold alongside “Season”.

“november twelfth, two-thousand evelen” Live Recordings
Staged in Peterborough, at a coffee bar titled The Spill, Kaleb Hikele played two sets parted by an intermission, during a matinee concert at the venue. The concert was recorded direct to cassette tape with a Sharp Cassette Recorder RD-767AV, evident in the warped sound and manipulation of pitch throughout the set. This was available for Free download for the month of December, 2011.

“A Season Set” Live Recordings
In September of 2010, The Sun Harmonic performed material from the yet-to-be-released album “Season” for the very first time at The Cameron House in Toronto. The show incorporated pamphlets informing the audience members, with pictures and bios of Kaleb and opening act (and roomate) Alex Grantham. Titled “A Season Set”, the show featured 19 songs (17 captured on video) presented in three solo sets on acoustic guitar, piano, and electric guitar. Video footage of the show is found online.

“The Townhouse Teaser” by The Breaks
In 2011, blues trio The Breaks were busy recording their first full length record at The Townhouse in Toronto. Two separate limited CD releases were put out as a preview of new material at live shows in the city- first being a 2 song demo, next a 8 song collection of rough mixes of the album, with early and incorrect song titles and a hand drawn sketched cover by Alex. These were homemade and given away to fans and friends. Unless you have a copy of your own lying around, this is no longer available.

An Unsung Trio“An Unsung Trio” EP
To accompany a new acoustic album, three previously unheard and unreleased songs were written and recorded in an intimate demo fashion in a November weekend. This three-song demo was released exclusively with the purchase of a physical copy of the 2010 record “Season”, limited and homemade by Kaleb Hikele, and a digital download was briefly released in 2012.

“A Season Preview” CD
A 13-minute medley of yet-to-be-released “Season” tracks, only released and handed out for free at the concert “A Season Set”, at The Cameron House, Toronto, on the night of September 22nd, 2010. A compact disc wrapped in a picture of a magnifying glass, with a handwritten “The Sun Harmonic” signature and individually numbered copies of only 50 were made. This is no longer available.

“august first, two-thousand nine” Live Recordings
On August 1st, 2009, Kaleb Hikele played at The London Music Club to launch his first record as The Sun Harmonic. His set list covered Far From Freedom, The Capitol, solo Kaleb Hikele songs and new Sun Harmonic material. This show was videotaped by a handheld camera, but only the audio was recovered from the footage. The show was released for digital download online for only a few months in 2009 and into 2010.

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