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After We Fly

by The Sun Harmonic

After We FlyReleased: March 10th, winter 2015
Length: 28 minutes 28 seconds
Genre: Piano Art Rock



1. As I Go Away
2. Poison Myself
3. Where Your Beauty Lies
4. Hiding
5. When The Well Runs Dry
6. The Regret That I Am
7. Home (Now I Know)
8. Everything You’re Looking For


After We Fly is the fourth studio album under his stage moniker. These 8 songs were chosen to showcase from a larger project that revolves around his first love – and the instrument that inspired his musical mind – the piano. This conceptual double album, due in winter 2016, is a big idea with a simple name – Winter.

The Sun Harmonic reinvented himself in the recording studio throughout the year 2014. Kaleb faced a songwriting assignment which he has been composing, only during the winter season, for the past four years. It has lead to his new body of work – 22 piano songs with one vision – his truest artistic statement to date. The revisiting of Kaleb’s earliest classical roots are put to the test on this concept album, while his art of songwriting is inspired by many other musical branches that continue to grow.

On After We Fly, you will hear Kaleb playing his most familiar instruments, the guitar and piano, beside new orchestral additions like the cello and trumpet. He invited some friends and musical talents to perform, featuring them in the forefront of these studio recordings; you’ll hear drummer Zack Buck from earlier rock projects, the trio of Broadview Band backup singers, and Kaleb’s sister Jenay singing a duet. The first sessions were conducted on the bench of a grand piano and the rest of the album was created in Kaleb’s home studio space in the east end of Toronto.


Composed and recorded by The Sun Harmonic (a.k.a. Kaleb Nathaniel Hikele)

Kaleb Hikele performs: vocals, piano + keyboards, acoustic + electric guitars, drums + hand percussions, melodica, cello, trumpet, and the beer bottle triad

Accompanists (in order of appearance):
Jen Routhier ( harmony, trk. 1, 3, 5, 8 )
Nika Smith ( harmony, trk. 1 – 5 )
Tanya Semple ( harmony, trk. 1, 3 – 5 )
Zack Buck ( drum kit #1, trk. 5 )
Jenay Hikele, sister ( harmony, trk. 7 )

Recorded in Toronto, Claremont, Stoney Creek, and at home in Riverdale
Engineers (chronological): Warren Hutton, Josh Bowman, Zack Buck, K. Hikele

Thank you to all who helped and inspired.
Special thanks to Warren Hutton, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Dave Skrtich and Jen Routhier for their creative input, consultation and honesty that shaped this release.

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