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Titles are listed in (backwards) chronological order:

King Snake Crawl EP by King Snake Crawl (2016)

Soft Wounds LP by Soft Wounds (2016)

After We Fly LP by The Sun Harmonic (winter 2015)

Ghost Stories EP by Elder Sister Plum (2015)

Al Grantham LP by Al Grantham (2014)

Ave Maria, a title from The Classical Bin (2014)

Four Short Preludes, a title from The Classical Bin (2014)

Teeth & Heart LP by Wardead (2014)

Rhythm and Roots EP by The Breaks (2014)

Three Pieces, a title from The Classical Bin (2013)

Coloured Sketches, Demonstrations 2-LP by Kaleb Hikele (2013)

The Eight of Hearts EP by The Sun Harmonic (2013)

People Like Us LP by Elder Sister Plum (2013)

Honeybees LP by The Breaks (2013)

Sounds from Space EP by The Other Birds (2013)

A Taste of Plum EP by Elder Sister Plum (2013)

Love Is Gone Away LP by The Broadview Band (2012)

Songs For Her, Demonstrations LP by Kaleb Hikele (2012)

In Meetings LP by The Breaks (2012)

Demonstrations, 2-LP by Kaleb Hikele (2011)

When I Was A Boy… LP by Al Grantham (2010)

Season LP by The Sun Harmonic (2010)

Down The Line LP by Alex Beraldo (2010)

Chemistry LP by The Sun Harmonic (2010)

The Sun Harmonic LP by The Sun Harmonic (2009)

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