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by The Sun Harmonic

Released: May 11th, 2010
Length: 46 minutes 50 seconds
Genre: Art Rock/Folk



1. The Morning Breaks 
2. That Golden Crown
3. As You Will
4. Ready to Flood
5. The Air We Breathe
6. If I Fall
7. To Hold Me Down
8. I Don’t Remember
9. All You Need
10. Speak Quiet


An exercise in simplicity. This art rock and folk record was the first to be recorded in Kaleb Hikele’s homemade recording studio in Toronto, appropriately titled “The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio”. The sound of the album ranges from a modern psychedlic, experimental rock, to unintrusive folk and a literal whisper.

On “Chemistry”, you will hear Kaleb Hikele’s imaginative aim to rejuvenate his rock and classical roots; tracks like the the refreshingly aggressive “Ready to Flood” and the folk-infused lullaby “Speak Quiet” perfectly contrast with each other. The opening song “The Morning Breaks” awakes and prepares you to sink into the following track “That Golden Crown”, where you find a surprising resurgence of modern psychedelic sound.

All 10 songs were exclusively recorded in Kaleb Hikele’s own project studio and produced in his one-man-band style that he’s maintained over the last three years. He has established a craft for songwriting on an organic, acoustic medium, while also arranging and performing other instruments to compliment the recorded work.

The physical version of the album contains 46 minutes and 50 seconds worth of music, that fits nicely into your record collection and plays in any conventional compact disc player. A piece of paper was included in the CD package that asked listeners to submit their valued opinions and thoughts. You can see the outcome of this at A Chemistry of Collective Consciousness


Kaleb Hikele: composition, performance and sound engineering of all sounds and noise
Alex Grantham: background vocal on “Speak Quiet”
Recorded at The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio

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