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In Meetings

by The Breaks

Released: January 21st, 2012
Length: 40 minutes 45 seconds
Genre: Blues Rock



1. Slumpin’ Roller
2. Miss Whisky 
3. Thats Alright, Thats OK 
4. Ugly Day
5. Bang’er
6. Do It Again
7. Hoochie Coochie Man
8. Face Turn Blues 
9. Weird
10. Oh! Lord
11. Time Has Come
12. Fuckin Up Again


The boys have just released their debut album entitled ‘In Meetings’.  One bright morning in the summer of 2011 The Breaks dragged their hung over bodies into The Townhouse Studio.  They were intent on making an off the floor, gritty-ass rock n’ roll album….  This was accomplished.  What you’re hearing is not only a debut album from a very new band composed of veteran musicians, but a throw back of sorts. 

This whole thing was recorded off the floor using as little multi-tracking as possible.  This means that what you are hearing is NOT the sound of individual instrumental tracks being surgically fused together like some kind of goddamn musical Frankenstein.  It was very important to the band that the album convey a sort of rawness that can only be achieved by miking up a room and recording the actual sound of a band playing.  This is all too rare in today’s world of modern technology where looping, multi-tracking, and sampling has created whole albums of synthetic musical Frankensteins in place of real living and breathing songs.

This is a recording of three dudes.  In a room.  Playing music.  Enjoy.


Alex Beraldo: songwriting, guitar, harmonica and vocals
Darcy Waffle: bass guitar
Jeff Hughes: drums and percussion
Kaleb Hikele: organ on #10
Produced by The Sun Harmonic
Engineered by Kaleb Hikele
Recorded at The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio
Mastered by Tom Murray

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