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by The Sun Harmonic

Released: November 30th, 2010
Length: 35 minutes 39 seconds
Genre: Alternative Folk



1. Story
2. Puzzle 
3. Wait!
4. Apology 
5. Safe? 
6. Today
7. Window
8. Stir
9. Mask
10. Again?
11. Song


“Season”, a folk album, was written in the summer season of 2010- the album was recorded over three dark August nights, in minimal live-off-the-floor takes conducted in basement of “The Townhouse” recording studio. There is not a single overdub on the album, so you will hear these songs just as Kaleb Hikele heard in the studio with his guitar and voice.

The sound of the album embodies the honesty and truth that fueled the writing and creation of the recordings. Initiated on the evening of August 2nd, Hikele went into the studio to record “Apology” as a dedication and painful goodbye to a suffering loved one and close relative. That night, a spontaneous and one-off improvisational performance of “Puzzle” was recorded- the rest of the album was tracked over August 3rd and 4th, sometime in the late midnight hours.

This music is presented to you in a fashion that demands your full attention and interest, and should be taken as a reusable dose of medicine if you yourself are in any pain or mourning. Thank you for listening…


Kaleb Hikele: composition, performance and sound engineering
Recorded at The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio

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