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The Eight of Hearts

by The Sun Harmonic

The Eight of HeartsReleased: August 11th, 2013
Length: 7 minutes 50 seconds
Genre: Rock & Roll



Side A: Alive Again
Side B: Recycled Words


The Eight of Hearts is a Digital 7 Inch made up of two songs to preview a work-in-progress called The Joker and The King (to be continued).

Look: www.thejokerandtheking.tumblr.com

The Joker and The King is a rock & roll collaboration between hometown friends. The on-going recording project includes Kaleb Hikele of The Sun Harmonic who is finally behind the microphone again with good friends and musicians Zack Buck and Paul Baughman to start creating songs for an album in the unforeseeable future. Stay tuned.

Any donations made when you download the Digital 7 Inch are put towards a yearly charitable donation made by Moon Melody. Learn more here or here.


Kaleb- vocals, electric/acoustic/bass guitars, organ, songwriting
Zack- drum kit, bongo (Alive Again), rock n’ roll feeling
Paul- cajon drum (Alive Again), manning the pro tools rig, good company

Engineered by Kaleb and Zack
Produced and mixed by The Sun Harmonic

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