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The Sun Harmonic

by The Sun Harmonic

Released: June 11th, 2009
Length: 42 minutes 20 seconds
Genre: Contemporary Rock



1. On A Blank Sheet 
2. Call Me A Witness
3. Oh, The Flame Burns
4. An Open Eye 
5. Gravity
6. Intermission 
7. Heartstorm
8. Interested To Win
9. Simple Thing
10. The Last


This album is the introduction of “The Sun Harmonic”, Kaleb Hikele’s artistic direction as a solo artist. The collection of music procedes Hikele’s ambitious untitled record, created in the summer of 2008, with 14 songs of experimental direction. He continued to write furiously as he walked into a new chapter of his life in Toronto, Ontario. Almost all of the debut album under the pseudonym was written in Toronto, pointing to a new sound and approach in Hikele’s writting in late 2008 and into 2009 when the album was concieved. January 2009 saw the inception of the name, The Sun Harmonic, to accompany the resurfacing of the infamous 1919 photograph taken of a springtime solar eclipse, which adorned the front cover of the album with the striking penned signature.

The acoustic and vocal roots of this album were performed entirely live-off-the-floor, at a studio in the countryside and in a converted church. The tranquil settings encouraged Hikele to continue to produce the record in a organic approach, forming the folk and rock instrumental foundations heard within the music. Behind the console, Kaleb Hikele crafted the rest of the contemporary rock album as the multi-instrumentalist, inviting a cellist and saxophonist to accompany him. The album is first to premier Hikele’s classical-contemporary piano composition, simply titled “Intermission”, as the seperation between the albums A and B sides.

Note: The physical disc contains 9 songs, with “Intermission” being a hidden 10th piano piece. “An Open Eye” was entirely written, with rhythmn fully recorded, the night before the studio recording in Hamilton, Ontario, on April 27th, 2010. All acoustic and vocal performances were tracked live in a 7 hour of time. “Simple Thing” is the only song featured to have been written while Hikele was still at home in St. Thomas in August of 2008.


Kaleb Hikele: composition, performance and sound engineering
Meagan Ballantyne: cello performance
Brett Johnston: saxaphone performance
Recorded at Seneca Studios, Room 2027, Toronto

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